First Dream

Thus Saith the Lord

There was a Lord and he said to his servants, “make me a room full of furniture of the finest cedar wood and I will require it in a season.”

As the season went on the servant wasted his time until one day he remembered he had to make the furniture. He rushed the job and therefore the furniture was very badly made. Then the Lords herdsman arrived to take the furniture to the Lord. When the Lord saw the furniture he was extremely angry, not only had the servant wasted his time but also the Lords best cedar wood. The Lord sent the servant away to a land from which he could never return, a place full of darkness and desolation.

The Lord then sent out his herdsman to another part of the Kingdom to find another servant to do the same task. This servant did not waste his time and set about the task straight away taking good care of the Lords finest cedar wood. When the season was over the Lord again sent his herdsman to collect the furniture. When the Lord received it he was extremely pleased and sent for the servant who had made it to come to his mansion. The Lord said “you are a true servant of the Lord and for your faithful work for me I will grant you life in a mansion forever.”

Second Dream

Thus Saith the Lord

There were two deers walking in the forest. As they walked along a great wind came and was dragging them into the briers and thorn bushes. Then the bush caught fire damaging the deers, the one much more than the other having his fur badly burnt and his leg broken. The other deer walked beside him to help him along. The sun began to shine and even though their eyes glistened only one of the deers was healed. Thorns were following them along the path. They eventually came to three doors, one on the left, one on the right and one in the middle. The left and right hand doors revealed people who were dressed in brightly coloured clothes beckoning the deers to come in.

The door in the middle had two clouds, one on top of the other. They were raining at the same time with the rain merging into one stream. The sun was also shinning.

Third Dream

Thus Saith the Lord

A flake of snow falls from the sky. As it hit’s the top of the mountain it colided with many more snow flakes, until suddenly there is a small ball of snow rolling down the hill. As it rolls the ball gets bigger and bigger and gets faster and faster destroying everything in its path. The sun was shining brightly and one small stick began to get warmer and warmer. Soon the stick was smoking and then it caught alight. As this happened it caught another stick, then another and soon one tree was on fire, then another and another. It was not long before the whole forest was on fire with the heat getting more and more intense. This gigantic snow ball was fast approaching the fire and has it gone nearer the heat the ball began to melt. Even though it was melting it kept coming down the hill. As it was about to hit the fire it broke up, went to water and went to steam and passed over the fire and dispersed.

Fourth Dream

Thus Saith the Lord

There will be seven days of Tornado winds running to and from the earth followed by seven clouds of seven rains.

There was seven waves all in a row and as they moved they thundered across the sea. Soon the seven waves overtook each other making one giant wave moving across the sea. There was seven mountains, all of these mountains were extremely large expect one. It looked very small against the rest.

The great wave hit the land a loud roar of thunder and went around the world covering everything in its path. When it hit the first great mountain there was a sound of thunder loud and clear. The next moment the mountain was swept away. This happened to all the other large mountains, until it came to the smaller one. The great wave thundered and hit this mountain, thundering and thundering but the mountain stayed firm. The roots of the mountain went down to the core of fire holding it safe and steady. The other six mountains had no core to hold them.

There will be seven days of volcanoes, spueing out fire and smoke for seven days. On the seventh day it will be peaceful.

Five Dream

Thus Saith the Lord

There were two small bright shiny stones. The winds and rain came, battering and wearing down these stones. The thunder and lightening struck them causing fractures to their surface. Above them appeared a huge stone and then it changed to a pillar of fire. As it got nearer to the stones they melted and then became two small pillars of fire. When the large fire passed over the small fires cooled down and went back to being shiny bright stones again.

Sixth Dream

Thus Saith the Lord

There was a cedar growing in the forest . It was badly damaged by the wind but is now healed by the sun. There is a rose bush being held up by the tree which is badly damaged by fire.There are buds producing flowers and the petals are falling on trees and bushes which were dead but are now coming alive and producing new green leaves.

Seventh Dream – Vision received on 11.8.2010

I saw a black horse. The rider of this horse was dressed in black but appeared to be faceless. He held a sword high in the air. His appearance was frightening and horrifying to look at.

As I travelled the world he bought war death, diseases, famine and pestilence. Fear and confusion reigned the world over. People looked for peace but found none only torment.

There was another horse which was white, and its rider was also dressed in white and also held up a sword which shone and had the word of God on it. The riders face shone as bright as the sun itself and no man could look at it.

Then there was a battle between the rider dressed in black and the rider dressed in white. The rider dressed in black roared and shouted obscenities As I went into battle, the rider dressed in white also rode with the two edged sword raised high in the air. As they met the white horse and rider went straight through the black horse and rider bringing them down with one strike of the sword which obliterated the black horse and rider. Now the rider dressed in white rode triumphantly along.

Eighth dream – Vision received on 11.8.2010

A vision appeared to me and I saw a picture of what looked like a city in the middle east. I saw the roof tops and the tops of towers. It was dust. The vision suddenly dropped to the ground. There was fierce fighting, all the people fighting with swords and then I felt a great sword sweep down on the people, at the same time I knew it was Jerusalem.

Ninth dream – Vision received on 13.8.2010

A vision came to me and this is what I saw:-

A rider who was faceless and holding a raised sword was dressed in black and riding a black horse. The surrounding areas were also grey and dismal. The sky also was grey. I looked again and saw hundreds of people young and old dying, it resembled the end of a battlefield in a horror movie. Then there appeared to be locust all over the sky and fields. The faces of the people appeared to have been bitten and mutilated. I saw a train of destruction sweep the land leaving dead trees, animals, birds and people. Disease and dying were everywhere, even rivers, lakes and seas contained dead marine life.

Then I saw a train of fire sweeping across the land towards a group of people. The people looked terrified and tried to run away but the flames engulfed them. I heard a voice say “be patient a little while”. I knew this was the Lord jesus christ.

Tenth Dream – Vision received on 14.8.2010

A vision the Lord gave me:-

I was passing over an endless procession of people all going one way. The procession must have been as wide as a motorway. As I passed over them I noticed a large mountain rising high in the sky, the top was covered with cloud. As I reached the edge of the mountain there was a great multitude of people at the bottom. There were lots of people with one foot on the mountain and one foot on the valley. As I started to climb the mountain I noticed very few climbing with me and only a few climbing in front of me. A white cloud surrounded the people on the mountain and I knew this was the mountain of God.

Eleventh dream – Vision received on 15.8.2010

God says he wants to give us a whole galaxy/universe. We thought that was enough to have. He also said he was going to give us supernatural powers to create landscapes. He wanted us to be on the high council of God.

All the animals and birds will be in the new creation. Nothing will be lost.

We will have a supernatural love for each other, such as we have never known and we will recognise everyone by name.

We shall visit all the kingdoms of the universe.

We will have the capability and knowledge to play all musical instruments.

Twelveth dream – Vision received on 17.8.2010

I was walking along with a group of people. All the people were dressed in brightly coloured clothing. We were all happy and laughing. It was a lovely sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and birds singing. Suddenly there was an immense bright light from the sky going everywhere, I knew it was the lord jesus coming but they all laughed at me. Like lightening black clouds covered the sky. I thought the lord had left me when I was changed to his likeness, what seemed to be a glorious body of bright light. As I was looking back on that group of people I had been with, everything looked dark, weird and revolting to look at. It was that bad I had to look away.

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